Fitness Training Programs


Look Good. Feel Good.

>Our programs are results-driven and will help you BURN FAT and stay in shape.

>We do this by using science and special training methods in a motivating atmosphere.

>Our educated instructors lead by example and will hold you accountable.

But, Is This Really for Me?

>Sluggish and in need of an energy boost?

>Want to shred fat and build strength?

>Want to look and feel sexy?

Whether you’re male or female, we challenge you to come on down and see for yourself how you can TRANSFORM your mind and body.

Why AKP and Not the Other Gym?

>We have a genuine interest in you, your goals and your health.

>We’ll be honest with you, and build a relationship that maintains accountability.

>We are available 24/7 for help and support.

>>We’ll challenge you physically and mentally every workout.

>>We’ll push you to unimaginable levels – because we’re not an average gym.

>>All of our energy and focus is directed towards your well-being.

We Stay Ahead of the Competition.

We’re a passion-driven company with high values and standards within our business, community and the Health & Fitness industry.

From the programs we design to how you are treated – we do it with pride as the main ingredient.

Thanks for visiting! Now that you’re ready to get in the BEST SHAPE of your life, we’re ready to help.