Who We Are


– AKP is a small gym located in Hawthorne, NJ where dedicated athletes and goal-driven individuals come together to maximize their potential and enhance their lifestyle using fitness and strength training as the vehicle. Our training systems employ science, education and attention to detail with the intentions of delivering the finest programs ever created.

OUR PHILOSOPHY – Our business model is structured with pride and passion. Our training resides in a results-driven environment built around perseverance. Each one of our client-relationships reflects trust and loyalty. Our programs are built to develop strength in character. We believe in the life lessons associated with fitness training, and the value it brings every day.

OUR MISSION – Using the latest scientific research, we are dedicated to integrating innovative methods that continue to facilitate our clients’ needs. We lead by example and practice what we preach. We also dedicate our efforts to instill in our clients self-confidence, self-motivation and determination strong enough to conquer any challenge forthcoming in their daily life.


JUNE 2010 – AKP was established in Don’s parent’s basement in Paramus NJ where he and a friend began to train individuals and friends for general fitness, strength and sports performance.

SEPTEMBER 2010 – AKP instructs the first official BURN 445 Fitness Class available to the general public on location with the Paramus Community School Continuing Education department.

DECEMBER 2010 – AKP and William Paterson University team up to design the baseball team an off-season general preparation regimen. Position players attend the clinic to improve off-season conditioning – three players later earn ALL-NJAC and ALL-REGION honors.

JULY 2011 – AKP runs its first Youth Sports Fitness Camp at Midland Park High School. It was a success, and AKP continues to run youth conditioning programs today at the Hawthorne facility.

DECEMBER 2011 –  AKP partners with PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL INSTRUCTION to implement a pre-season calisthenic power development program into their current winter training program.

“We attract individuals of all walks of life who seek a results-driven atmosphere. That’s the core focus of our business model, along with helping others enhance their daily life.”

JANUARY 2012 – AKP moves into a 1000 sq ft facility in Hawthorne, NJ. This is currently where AKP resides and where Don primarily conducts business.

FEBRUARY 2012 – AKP participates in its very first seminar with the BASEBALL HEALTH NETWORK directed towards baseball coaches and players titled Coach My Arm Hurts – Now What? During the seminar, AKP discusses proper off-season and in-season protocols for maximum performance.

DECEMBER 2012 – AKP partners with the BHN to organize and direct a pre-season injury prevention and power development program for high school and college players from the Tri-State Area. The name of the program is THE PITCHING HEALTHY PROGRAM.

“We have a genuine passion for finding success and sharing that with every client that we work with.”

JANUARY 2013 – AKP continues to integrate its training programs into the Paramus Community School, Professional Baseball Instruction, and the Baseball Health Network curriculum.

2014 – Present  AKP continues to receive Best of Hawthorne Awards for EXERCISE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS, as voted for by the Hawthorne community.

PRESENT DAY – We continue to offer specialized programs to the community each month that target adult and youth general fitness, elite athletic conditioning and private training.


Donald W. Hays, Owner